Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Five Things

This month I have been actively working on being more thankful for what I have. It really has been helping my mood and I think it is key in a path I seem to be taking myself on. But less on that and more on my five today. I spend a lot of time bitching and moaning about motherhood so I wanted to focus my five on the girls today.

1. That I have a true partner in raising my kids. It is invaluable to have one person who is always ready to tag in when needed. And there is nothing better than someone who loves your kids as much as you do.
2. Twelve hours of peace and quiet starting at seven every night. I am probably jinxing myself but the girls never wake up at night. Even if they do cry out it is always something that takes a minute to fix and happens before we go to sleep. I can get a solid eight hours in of sleep and spend the evening child free.
3. Being a superhero everyday. I love this stage, where almost any problem can be solved be a kiss from mom.
4. Seeing how hard they work is amazing. Through all their struggles, they never give up. I don't know where they got this resilient spirit but I hope they never lose it.
5. Pigtails. Is there anything cuter? And seeing them on my daughter makes me smile everytime.

1 comment:

  1. No, there really isn't anything cuter than pigtails. And I second the bedtime thing. LN may be having some hard nap days right now, but bed time is solid 99% of the time. It's lovely.