Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Social Media is Exhausting

Honestly I can't believe it took me this long to start a blog and get going on twitter. All the social networking (or notworking as Marymac puts it, ha!) sites out there are really made for someone like me who thinks in soundbites and is allergic to the phone. Seriously, I hate the phone. If I have called you and it it not to ask directions or where the hell you are/explain where the hell I am, know that I am very close to the breaking point. Or in the car and bored.

However as much as I love not having to communicate beyond 140 characters, I have to say that I am finding it exhausting. Perhaps it might be because I am slightly addicted (seriously I have 450 twitter updates in the one month I have been using it ). I used to think I had a problem with Facebook but was like snorting smarties compared to the heroin that is Twitter. After all, on Facebook there was only so much I could update on what I was doing and I was limited to reading and responding to what my friends had to say.

But on Twitter, thousands of strangers are eager to tell me what is going on with them and the world and the news. And so many of them want to help me make money! Really what's not to like? But it never stops and I am starting to get fatigued from trying to keep up. I can barely get everything read much less craft anything witty to say. And trying to find new people to follow while weeding out the spam followers, how do people keep it straight?

Add to that writing on this blog, reading all the blogs I already read plus the new ones I have found, and don't forget finding new ones to link to. Really, it's a full time job. That pays nothing and keeps me from my other nonpaying job of mothering. There's got to be a balance right?

I am going to start working on finding one.
Right after I post this and link to it on Twitter.

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  1. I am an addict. ADDICT, I tell you. And I keep telling myself I do it because I work at an agency that's known for being social media savvy and then I think "who the fuck am I kidding, I was addicted to WC long before my agency even existed." Apparently, I just like talking to myself on the Internets.