Friday, June 18, 2010

Alternate Job Titles for the Stay At Home Mom

Life as a stay at home mom can get pretty boring. I mean there are only so many facts you can learn from Sid the Science Kid. So to amuse myself I like to come up with crazy titles when I fill out forms. I mean why be a "Homemaker" when you can be a "Unicorn Seeker" (we just can't keep track of that darn thing)? I am sure the data entry people just love me.

These are some of the titles I have used on forms:

"Wardrobe Mistress to the Stars"
"Royal Food Taster"
"Bonbon Eater"
"Midday Drinker"
"Personal Chef"
"Child Psychologist"
"Cruise Director"
"Destroyer of Dreams"

What would your title be?


  1. Childhood development research cordinator, domestic goddess, CFO of small independant co...

  2. How has that worked for you on credit card and mortgage apps?

  3. Hmm, is that why I am not on the mortgage? I guess they didn't like "layabout" as an occupation.

  4. My husband had a job once, with a start up company, and he was the first employee, he was told he could make up his own title. His choice (that was over-ruled) "Emperor of the Known F***ing Universe".

    At the very least I want to be called a Work at Home Mom.

    My brother has filled out forms calling himself "Sir" as opposed to Mr. He sometimes gets mail to Sir James B.

  5. Hmm, what about "Topless Model"?
    Ok, I really don't nurse topless, but *part* of me is uncovered, and Kieran still wants to nurse a few times a day. Plus, I'm a model - a role model :)

  6. @Dionna In front of friends I would just completely unbutton my shirt to nurse the twins, especially when they were babies.

  7. LOL "Destroyer of Dreams"

    That was my mom's title for sure...

    Now its "Midday Drinker" haha.

  8. Those are a riot. I lack any kind of title. But this morning I think my kids would have gone with the Destroyer of Dreams.

  9. HAHAHA "Destroyer of Dreams" mine and everyone else's :P

  10. I love Unicorn Seeker. (At first I thought it was Unicorn SEER...) I stayed at home for 3 years before getting back to work, so if it is ok with you, I'd like nominate "Chief Life Architect" as my entry.