Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you hate your kids?
Absolutely not! Though sometimes I really do want to kill them. This blog is much more about parenting and my own feelings with that then it is about how I feel about my children.

What do you think your kids will think when they read your blog?
Well, it will be awhile since they are only three and just now understanding the concept of the alphabet. Sorry MIL, they won't be reading like your son did at two. Must be my bad genes. But back to what they will think... I am sure they will understand if they have their own kids someday. Plus they know I love them because I tell them incessantly.

You refer to the girls as being "special needs", care to clarify?
Both of my twins have mild delays. Desmonda Drama was born with Hypotonia and Hypermbolity. Both appear to be benign so far. However, they have contributed to developmental and physical delays.

Calamity Jane suffered from a severe speech delay which may or may not have been Apraxia. At two she only spoke a handful of words. Now she is zooming ahead and almost on track thanks to therapy and attendance at our local special needs preschool. Apraxia kids often have sensory issues as well.

Are those really your kids' names?
Yes! Okay, just kidding. I don't post my kids' real names and rarely post pictures. Just my own comfort level.

Do twins run in your family or did you have help?