Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's Official, I'm Old

Right now it is seven thirty am and I am the only one in the house awake. When was the last time that happened? Since I had kids? Oh, never! Of course right now my kids are across the country while I am kicking it in LA, so that helps. Why you might wonder am I up at seven am then? That would be because I am OLD.

This morning I kept tossing and turning but was determined not to get up. After all, no kids = sleeping in. So I shut my eyes and fell back asleep three or four times until I allowed myself to look at the clock. I assumed it was around nine, yeah it was seven.

Friday when we got in, I valiantly stayed up until almost twelve (two am my time) but last night at ten thirty I was falling asleep on the couch. My body is just not used to this much activity: Brunch! Two hour urban hike (in flip flops)! Echo Park meandering! Two hour, four course Thai dinner! I was falling asleep on the sofa for about thirty minutes before I just gave it up and established that I was lame and going to bed.

This is all proving my theory that kids age you two years for every one. After all my friends are kidless and though older than me, look younger. There is nary a wrinkle to be seen on their faces. The first night we were here they stayed up until two in the morning with the husband looking up people on Facebook (they all went to college together) and A still got up for and attended a body sculpt class at nine. All I can think is, how in the hell are you doing this?

Sleep is all I crave these days. Vacations have become for sleeping. I am like an eighty year old, wanting to eat early and then go to bed. This is not inline with the husband since he thinks, rightly so, that vacations are for going out and living it up since we don't have to pay a babysitter. Evidently I am the only one who got old. Maybe it's breastfeeding, not kids.

Hopefully naps will be on the agenda in Hawaii because I can't pawn the husband off on friends there.

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