Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Will Miss Them (but not too much!)

So tomorrow the husband and I leave on a trip to LA and Hawaii, thanks to Marriott (they still have three more trips to give away so what are you waiting for: ). I am in that pre-trip frenzy state where I am not only trying to get the last minute things together (finally going to sign those wills!) but also embarking on the all the unfinished projects I have around the house that I always, for some crazy reason, try to finish before I leave on a trip.

But really there isn't much left to be done. The house is unusually clean but will be cleaner when I get home since my pathologically clean MIL is coming to sit the girls (a post on that tomorrow!). I already packed my suitcase (did it last Sunday, who doesn't like packing for a trip to Hawaii) and the girls and I did a run to the grocery store this morning to stock up on their breakfast and lunch basics. The only thing left to do it hit the library.

We need to lead up on the picture books because the girls, who have always been top notch at being sat, have been exhibiting a lot of separation anxiety lately. Of course they would, how better to make even a mean mommy like me feel guilty as she lays on the sand and drinks blue lavas. They really are clever, those two. Not going is not even in the realm of possibility so I am picking up Llama Llama Misses Mama and The Kissing Hand and call it a day.

But just in case I start feeling bad between my massage and gourmet dinners (seriously, have you entered this contest yet?!) I decided to make a list of all the things I will not miss.

Things I Will Not Miss
-Calamity Jane shouting "Pawts!" (translation, "Put me on some Wonder Pets woman!") throughout the day
-Watching the Wonder Pets
-Desmonda Drama's exceptionally grumpy mood in the morning. I mean, it's perfectly understandable that she be grumpy after twelve hours of uninterrupted sleep but I do wish she would stop screaming at me after I have the audacity to serve her the milk she has been asking for since I removed her from the crib.
-Arguments over toys, why is any toy that your sister has always infinitely more interesting than the one you have?
-Struggling through Kindermusik
-Having to unload half my savings into the vending machine so the gym daycare will be tolerable anytime I want to work out (when I don't even WANT to work out)
-Making the bed, clearing the dishes, and generally being clean so my kids don't live in filth
-Listening to Desmonda screech at the dog who has been around since she was born but is suddenly terrifying. I mean what's more terrifying than a five and a half pound daschund chihuahua mix, right?
-Getting up between six thirty and seven every morning

Yep, I will miss their cute little faces but isn't that what pictures are for?


  1. I can't say it enough...enjoy your trip! You deserve a break from the ladies. They are wonderful and adorable, but you need a break and they need a break...NO GUILT while on the beach (or in Hawaii).

  2. Enjoy your trip! Try not to think too much about home and drink a cold lava drink for me:) Heart you!

  3. Have fun! I've entered, but my theory is that if I know someone who already won, then I have no chance!