Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SITS Back2Blogging Repost : Hi, You Don't Know Me but I Have Beer

To get myself back on the blogging bandwagon I am participating in the SITS Girls' Back 2 Blogging Challenge. Today's prompt was to repost a post with a title you were especially proud of. I originally posted this when I first started my blog over a year ago. I love the title even if I never ended up saying it to anyone.

Yesterday I did a crazy thing. I put the girls in the stroller and set out to meet some new friends. And by that I mean that whenever I saw a house that looked like it contained young children I went up to the door and knocked on it. Yes, to my husband's horror, I thought this would be a good way to meet my neighbors. Well maybe not a good way but that is what staying home all day does to me.

It wasn't all that successful. I talked to one dad whose wife and three year old daughter were out, a young mom who had to unlatch her child to answer the door (i would hate me), and the most promising house had a no solicitors sign and they didn't answer my knock (hey I'm not selling anything except myself and I'm free, hardee har har). I was especially disappointed because they have a kickass backyard filled with toys. And they drive a Toyota Echo. Which to me translates to "not a queen bee mom who scrapbooks and makes judgments about the way your kids are dressed, after all I drive a gas efficient car and am obviously frugal and/or love the environment". Why yes I am speed dating moms based on their cars. I really am that pathetic. I left a note but the girls were screaming so it had a kind of serial killer shaky look to it. Awesome.

The whole idea had started as a joke when IMing with my friend MP. A friend who I made in the most awesome moms group in the world. The group that I had to leave behind when we moved here. I did not realize until I met them how important having mom friends was. I laughed and cried (well not really but I am sure they wouldn't have minded if I did) and had something to do everyday and actually liked their children. Much better than mine own sometimes, why is it that other people's children are always so much cuter? And the girls, well they didn't seem to hate it, and honestly I wouldn't have noticed if they did, I was having too much fun.

So knowing no one in a strange city is doubly hard these days. But we are not moving back so I will be trying my darndest to make new just as great friends here. And if that means knocking on random stranger's doors and enduring Kindermusik classes, then so be it. Eventually there will be that mom I click with it, the one who believes that parenting is not a competitive sport and that many playdates are improved by the addition of beer.

As for that beer, MP joked that I should stick some in the stroller and offer it up, then I would really know if I made a friend. But beer is expensive here and I want it all for myself.

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  1. Last summer I noticed one of our neighbors has the same "gator" as our kids. I told her we should have races, after the kids have gone to sleep, and we should include some beer. I haven't seen her since. Whatever, a girl has to try.