Thursday, February 18, 2010


Tomorrow I will...

*wake up in time to have a shower, get dressed, and maybe even have a cup of tea before the day starts
*will actually give my husband a big kiss before he leaves the house instead of sulking about him only saying goodbye to the girls and never to me
*instead of salami and chocolate I will have granola and yogurt for breakfast
*i will go to the gym for the first time in weeks
*lunch for the girls will be something other than mac and cheese
*instead of turning on a second program I will shut the computer and play with them whether they want me to or not
*dinner will be started before five thirty
*the cleaning checklist will be worked through and checked off

Oh tomorrow, tomorrow how I love you tomorrow.
I am always perfect a day away.


  1. I know the feeling. You've got to have goals, though.

    At least you're headed in the right direction, even if you never get there!

  2. Since I haven't showered in THREE DAYS (I know, be glad we're not in the same state), my goal is just to hop in there at some point tomorrow and hope the boys don't kill one another (or one of the dogs) while I'm in there. I don't know when I'll work up to showering before I start the day. I'm impressed just by the goal.

  3. Ah, yes, that optimism we hold dear at night. Here's hoping you at least got in that cuppa.

  4. Have to admit, I only accomplished one of these. I did manage to have granola with yogurt. :)