Monday, February 22, 2010

One of Us, One of Us, One of Us

Yet another weekend has passed without me really getting much done. Not that it is a bad thing. It was rainy instead of snowy here but just as nasty so the four of us hunkered down and ate lots of good food and played and watched lots of Olympics and HGTV. But I let another weekend go by without getting the one thing done I really need done: a hair cut.

Since I stopped dying my hair wild colors and wearing glitter in it (yes, seriously) I have varied between two hairstyles: a bob, and wait for it, a bob with bangs. Boring but when you have baby fine hair that tangles at the slightest touch much like doll hair, well bobs work. Plus they are cheap to get and hard to mess up.

Perfect hairstyle right? So what's the problem?

Well I noticed a disturbing trend when I moved here: in CoMo the bob is the mom cut. And I don't want a mom cut. Yes I dress exclusively in the mom uniform of jeans and tee. Yes I drive a mom mobile. Yes, I can no longer stay up past eleven. But dammit, I want to cling to my last bit of my former cool identity.

Since giving birth to the terror twins I have had to go longer and longer between haircuts and, out of necessity, have perfected the ponytail bun hybrid that looks somewhat decent. But it has been way too long and the bun has gotten a little frightening. The tangles have started to take over and I may have to forgo the mom cut and have my head shaved. And while that would be edgy and definitely not scream mom, I have a really bumpy head and I don't think I would be able to rock a buzz cut.

So fine, this weekend I will get the bob. For real. And maybe some blue streaks just so I can cling to a shred of cool. Or glitter. Glitter would totally match my mom mobile car's paint.


  1. isn't it funny the things we do to try avoid losing ourselves entirely to being 'mum'.
    i'm having the same hair problem at the moment. only in reverse. i think i look better with a bob but it is harder to keep look fab then just pulling up longer hair into the ponytail bun.

  2. I hate hair. If it were up to me totally, I'd go completely bald. But then my husband might divorce me, seeing as how I've given up shaving and rarely remember to put on deodorant or brush my teeth before bed.

    If I get any less-sexy (or any more man-like) he's going to run for the hills!

    Good luck with your haircut; it always makes me feel refreshed to spice things up a bit!

  3. I think a mom bob with blue streaks would definitely make you seem less mom like.

  4. Just go short like me. Sure you have to get it cut more often, but it takes 1.5 minutes to blow dry and style. And it's not the bob. Of course, I had the bob for years (pre-children), so who am I?

  5. @Kelly - unfortunately short hair looks awful on me; I can't go shorter than the bottom of my ears

    @Patois - maybe I will get brave enough to do it, though my husband would freak

    @mommaruth - my husband loves my hair shagged and blond but he doesn't love the price tag for it

    @Amie - it is tempting just to keep the ponytail/bun combo and Redbook just did a thing on how it's the current Hollywood hair style so we are even in. ;)

  6. I think you should play with color. Why not? I would if I didn't have some boring old job. In fact the older ladies in Vienna with the silver hair even have purple and red streaks and it looks so cool...