Sunday, November 1, 2009

Why Do You Write?

As I start off NaBloPoMo, I am wondering why you write on a blog. Is it therapeutic? A way to keep up with friends and family? A path towards income? Is there something you must share with the world? Or is it just for you?


My answer...

When my sister-in-law first started blogging, I was inspired to start one too. But I just sat and stared at a blank screen. My brain was shot from waking up every two hours and I found that I had very little to say. And I was paralyzed by the idea of creating a blog identity. Blogs were just breaking through as a business, a way to make money or gain things. Panicked at my sudden stay at home mom identity, I grasped onto the wonder of this. But in the end, I just couldn't make up my mind and did nothing.

This time it seems to be working. I have found the most important thing for me if to sit down and write, as often as possible. My friend MP who started her blog right before I did has committed to writing every weekday and while I haven't been able to copy that, it has been an inspiration to just write. Every time I hit submit it feels like I am shedding a layer of myself. A burden lifts when I let something go out into the world. And since I haven't found my social niche here yet, I am enjoying the social outlet that blogging and twittering gives me.

Though I have been planning two niche blogs (soft launch this month, if I write it it will happen) with goals and ambitions, this space remains without any. For now, it is just for spilling my thoughts onto virtual paper. Sometimes it is funny, sometimes it is sad and the level of writing varies widely from post to post. But that is okay with me. For now, right here, in this space, it is enough just to be writing again.

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