Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Blog Spotlight : The Chocolate and The Cheese

Know when you're having a bad day and all you want to do is stick your kid in the crib and drink wine while she cries? Don't you wish you had someone to call and tell that to on those days? Someone who is not a member of the momfia? Well I do. Her name is MP and she rocks. And now you can have her as a friend too because she has a (frequently updated!) blog called The Chocolate and the Cheese.

I love MP's blog because is a peek into her life. Don't you just love getting snapshot of how someone really lives? It is not the polished version that so many people present, just the real thoughts that go through her head. Not only does she cover parenting and marriage with an honest voice she also posts about her loves like baking and reading and dreaming. And now that she has started posting pictures of her cooking, her blog is a visual feast too. I am lusting over the ginger cookies she posted today.

So if you like a blog by a mom that's not a "mommy blog" go check out The Chocolate and the Cheese. Add it to your reader; you won't be disappointed.

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