Friday, October 9, 2009

Pass Me A Jello Shot and Put on Biz Markie

Once I get myself off the internet (seriously people, stop being so clever) I am packing up and heading to Boonville, MO for a weekend of getting wild with multiple moms. Not only will there be many of them, they all have multiples. It's the Missouri state convention and I am going. I know, I am surprised too.

I have always avoided these conferences in the past. Twinmamas seem to trend towards the twee. Maybe it is all the cute matching outfits. Maybe it is the lack of sleep and free time. Or maybe a large percentage of the normal mom population is like this and I am just making excuses. Whatever the reason, the fear of scrapbooking and long emotional talks filled with groups hugs has scared me away from ever attending a conference. Why be free from my family only to be imprisoned by a large group of women wearing matching tshirts?

Then at my first Moms of Multiples meeting here in CoMo the club president brought up the jello shots she was perfecting. And I started to think about how lovely it would be to have a weekend away from my kids with TWO mornings of sleeping in. And I do love making an ass of myself. Especially in front of people I don't know,who are also making asses of themselves. Plus I don't really know that many people here and what better way to form fast friendships than by drinking, eating, and singing karaoke. Isn't that what sorority rush is like?

The cost is having to overcome my fear and loathing of the "cheese". There will be matching tshirts, there might be group cheers, and there definitely will be lots of scrapbooking sessions. Much like being on a cruise, the only way to survive and thrive it to embrace it. So I will be putting on the Hawaiian shirt, cheering on mom jokes, and cutting a rug before the karaoke starts. Hand me a jello shot and cue up Biz Markie "You say he's just a friend". I am ready to go.

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