Monday, February 21, 2011

Back Again!

Well after month of pondering on what to do with this blog I have decided to keep it. I found myself struggling to post because sometimes I just wanted to write about whatever random stuff popped into my head and that didn't fit into the "theme" of this blog. I thought about doing some niche blogs as companions to this one but finally settled on starting a whole separate personal blog and keeping this focused on parenting, specifically on special needs parenting.

As a reintroduction: I am Kate, mom to four year old fraternal twin girls Calamity Jane and Desmonda Drama. I spend most of my time catering to their fanatical demands but over the past year I have been spending more and more of my time dipping into a professional life as a writer and consultant. I have become very involved in the local social media scene and am really enjoying it. As the girls get older and spend more time in school I hope to do this more.

I tend to swear, be sarcastic, and reference drinking so if that's not your bag, cool. No hard feelings. You can also find me on Twitter and my newly minted but pretty empty personal blog The Guavalicious Life.

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