Sunday, August 15, 2010

Plans, I Have Them

Lately I have been suffering from writer's block. Perhaps it is the post BlogHer malaise I heard every one talk about. More likely it is the heat that has taken over Missouri like a fog. This is not what I was promised when I moved here last summer.

Or it could be that Twitter sucks all my witticisms and bon mots that my brain has to offer.

I have trouble making myself a priority in any meaningful way. I wish I could say this is because I am busy giving it all to my family but I don't call myself a lazy ass housewife for nothing. My house is usually in quite a state of disarray. Though it is often picked up, is rarely clean. I manage to cook three meals a day for the kiddos and my husband but that's the extent of my go getterness.

So instead of being a household engineer, I am more of a household artist in residence. I laze about starting projects but rarely finishing them, going on book binges, and watching fluffy shows during the all so important naptime. When my husband complains I whine that I am "working", building my "social media empire" (tongue firmly in cheek.)

But now I have nothing to write on the blog, except this post about writer's block.
Oh ideas I have, and plans. And resolutions to not only buckle down on the blogging and put the thoughts in my head on to paper but to be serious about my writing and career direction. And to wear sunscreen, and exercise, and keep my house cleaner. To find some kind of balance between motherhood, wifehood, and me.

For now though, I will eat cookies and salami for breakfast while the kids watch TV and the husband sleeps.


  1. I'm 100% certain Twitter killed my blog fodder. I was so much more focused without it... But I also wouldn't have the friends I have in the web world without it!

  2. HAHAHA I too waste nap time, I should be writing, but I'm often getting lost on Twitter. I feel your pain :-)