Thursday, August 5, 2010

The FD Phrase

While I am at BlogHer I am reposting some of my favorite posts. I will be back with new content August 10th.

What? You don't think fucking dammit is the most appropriate phrase for a mommy blog post? You don't think it is going to get me invited to any private BlogHer parties? It isn't going to win me any nominations for Mommy Blogger of the Year?

But it must be kid appropriate because that is what my kid is saying lately. And how I wish I was kidding.

At least I can comfort myself that Calamity Jane is only pulling the FD phrase, as my husband and I have taken to calling it, at appropriate moments. She is no casual swearer like her parents. She waits until she is really really mad, you know fucking mad. Then she lets it rip. I admit that I am kind of waiting for her to add "Goddammit" as an emphases.

I knew the day was coming; I am only surprised that it took this long. My husband and I are prolific swearers. We can't even blame each other since her phrase is a blending of each of our favorite swears. I do admit that the worst sounding one, fucking, is mine.

While we have tried to tone it down since we had kids, toning it down still leads to a lot of swearing. And having kids is fucking stressful and science just proved that it makes you feel better. But while science is on my side I don't think my mother-in-law is going to buy into that when Calamity Jane lets fucking dammit rip the next time she can't get the puzzle piece to fit.

So where do we go from here? Luckily due to her speech delay only my husband and I seems to really understand it. At least that's what I am telling myself. I didn't notice any stares of death while we were at my town's scenic memorial day parade today. It seems we have a little time to solve the problem.

Right now I am going with ignoring. And shooting stares of death at anyone who laughs like my sister-in-law who said: "Come on, it's pretty funny". Even if yes, it kind of is.

Because she will grow out of this at some point right? Otherwise, I'm fucking screwed.

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