Monday, August 30, 2010

Buy It Now : Do Fun Stuff

As the parent of special needs kids, the web has been a great resource for me. We're lucky enough that the girls' problems have been minor enough that we haven't had to track down specialists or medical advice (though we have gotten some amazing diet tips thanks to the blogsphere). But what has been super important to me is finding other parents who are open about their kids' special needs. Their advice and stories have been invaluable to me in accepting my own feelings about my kids' special traits.

One of the bloggers who have helped me in this journey is Ryan Marshall. Like a lot of others I found him through links to his beautiful maternity pictures of his wife Cole. And like so many others I was caught up in his story, in their family's story. When I first read about Little Buddy's disease, my heart caught in my throat. Since then Little Buddy's parents and step parents have been a huge inspiration to me.

So I am thrilled to be part of the blog movement for Do Fun Stuff. Ryan was inspired to help raise money for Smith-Magenis research. However unlike my own inspirations that peter out, Ryan shot for the moon and put together an awesome album full of kids music by rocking bands. And 100% of the proceeds go towards research. It's win-win, you and your kids get awesome music and a worthy cause gets much needed money.

If you would like to blog about this, and why wouldn't you, you can grab the widget here.

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