Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Girl vs. Food

I have never been on board with the whole identifying personality traits in childhood. After all I was a quiet, shy, neat child. And well now, much to my husband's dismay, I am none of those things.

Now that I have my own kids I am praying (atheist praying) that I was right. Because Calamity Jane didn't get her nickname by chance and if she continues on her current path, she will either kill herself by sixteen or put me in an early grave due to stress.

When she is not swearing up a storm, she is giving me mini heart attacks with her every increasing daring antics. One of greatest tricks? Engaging in her own private extreme eating contest.

Things Calamity Jane has eaten:
*one of those sponges that expand in water
*a raw egg
*bite of a magic eraser (luckily I caught that one in the act)
*16 gummy vitamins
*dog food

(She also regularly bites into fruits like kiwis and bananas while the skin is still on)

At first I thought it was Pica. Hell I almost wanted it to be Pica so I would have an explanation. But according to her pediatrician, no dice. She does it too irrgularely and seems to limit herself to food like objects.

Yep, she is just living up to her nickname. Or maybe instead of an extreme eating contest, it is really a contest to drive me insane. Guess what? She's winning.


  1. She is simply amazing. That is some kid!

  2. Amazing! And determined! And inquisitive! Can you tell I am reading Raising the Spirited Child? :)

  3. My cousin ate some dog treats once, good old fashioned Milk Bones. I don't remember ever trying to eat non-edible foods, but I did get a gum wrapper stuck up my nose...

  4. My daughter's favorite food is dog chow. And chalk. So you're not alone...

  5. Christa- my other twin will probably emulate you soon. She is a champion nose picker. My MIL tried to shame her the other day by going "Desmonda! What's that in your nose?!". Desmonda looked at her and said "My finger" in a "like, duh!" tone.

  6. My younger son, Noah, also puts everything in his mouth. Always has and sadly I think he always will. I just have to watch him like a hawk and offer him small bite sized items to keep him from picking up inanimate objects.

  7. I love that "atheist praying" I didn't know there were any other atheist out there that do that too. LOL. I do.