Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tucking the Moment Away

Since I haven't blogged in while due to an impending move and repacking all the boxes the girls unpack as soon as my back is turned, I decided I would write a quick post while my husband watched Countdown. But when I sat down to write I couldn't get any of my thoughts focused on a subject. Naturally I had to ask a good friend for advice so I turned to my best friend Twitter and asked for a topic.

Of course the first suggestion would be a deep one. @thewifeytweets directed me to her very thought provoking post on death, the afterlife, and living in the moment. Ack. There's no way I could even come up with a thoughtful comment much less a post on the same subject.

Not only am I kind of bad at being serious but I don't have a lot to say on the subject of death. I do not fear it but would prefer for it to wait until after my girls are on their own. I already told my husband that if I die before my parents I would like a Catholic funeral (for them) but if they die before me, I don't care what he does. I would prefer to be cremated because it's cheap. Yep, deep. I guess death is the one arena where it is easier to be an atheist.

But living in the moment, that I can do. Not the actual living in the moment, I am horrible at that, but I can talk about it. Today I had one of those moments that you wish you could bottle and take out to relive over and over. It was the simplest thing.

After a frantic morning of running errands during preschool time and a whine filled lunch the girls' quiet time (read: enforced by the doorknob cover playing in room) was cut short by an unexpected showing of the rental. I begrudgingly pushed the girls into the backyard.

As I getting out their toys I noticed a dandelion and realized that they had never seen one, never watched the seeds whoosh into the air. So I pulled them into my lap and showed them how to blow on it and then secretly blew the seeds off myself when they couldn't do it. Their faces were transfixed with delight and just for a moment all my annoyance and cynicism disappeared. Those are the ones, the moments I am trying to live in.


  1. Oh my gosh. My blog post was 100% about doing that today! Too weird!

  2. Children are so fun, huh?

  3. That last paragraph is especially beautiful. Mine love dandelions as well...lovely!