Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oh Happy Day

This morning I woke up in a bad mood. There was no good reason for it. My husband had so nicely let me sleep in even though it was my morning to get up. The weather was finally warmish and sunny after weeks of gloomy coldness. And I had enjoyed a perfectly lovely low key birthday yesterday.

In spite of the small delights of the weekend I was still grumpy. I was cantankerous with the girls especially after my husband escaped for a shower. I yelled at them for the little things and made Desmonda cry. Not that it's hard but I felt bad because she is under the weather so her dramatic sobs were punctuated with coughs.

When my husband emerged and suggested we all go to the park I grumped at him: "I'd like to just finish my TEA, can I just do THAT?!" He gave a look out at the sunshine but backed off. The girls gathered around me as I tweeted and sucked down my tea. Then I heard Calamity Jane call out: "Come play Desmonda!"

That simple phrase, perhaps unintelligible to most but clear as a bell to me, was the most beautiful thing I had heard in weeks.

It was better than all the sunshine in the world.

I immediately put down my tea and went to the park with the family. We soaked up the sunshine, even as we shivered in the wind. Then we went and had the best Mexican meal we have enjoyed since leaving San Antonio. Bad mood gone.

They were driving me crazy again by (not)nap time but my daughter's voice speaking words? The most wonderful sound in my world. If only I could bottle it up and open it for a listen in cranky times.


  1. Oh, that's awesome! This post put a huge smile on my face. Go CJ!!!

  2. I want to laugh and cry with this post. My son is only 7.5 months old but the sound of his laughter or the sound of his babbling makes me instantly forgive him for driving me batty with his separation anxiety and lack of napping.