Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dear Mommy Bloggers, Reality is Calling

Edited to add a link to an amazing new blog that I have been waiting anxiously for, Medicated in Minnesota Thank you Emily for your honesty. You are one amazing and brave woman. And a pretty kick ass mom too.

One of my favorite "parenting" blogs is Sweet Fine Day. I put "parenting" in quotes because though it is written by parents Jenna and Mark the blog itself is more a mishmash of their lives, baking, business running, decor, food, life. It shows the full life that people can attain if they put themselves out there. And it shows amazing parents who allow their kids to be themselves seemingly without the addition of all the modern day must haves.

While I will never attain the balance and style that Jenna and Mark seem to have I love their blog for the possibility. Plus it is just a beautiful visual feast; I have to physically stop myself from ordering from their online bakery Whimsy and Spice every time they post a photo of one of their delicious treats. If I go to BlogHer next year a visit to the Brooklyn Flea will definitely be on the agenda.

Because I find their blog so inspiring to me as a parent I was shocked at the negativity that Jenna experienced after her
post about the daughter chewing on her brand new (I am assuming not cheap) bed. The message seemed to be "Never be less than absolutely happy with your child" and definitely never swear. Not swear at your child or even about your child mind you, do not even swear at a situation, in writing. If these parents can't hack it, there's no hope for me.

The true friends I have made since being a mother are the ones that are not afraid to be open and honest about their feelings about parenting. Like the adage, don't trust anyone over thirty five I can't trust anyone who loves being a parent every moment. The multitude of mommy bloggers who post about "OMG , I love my kids SOOOO much" and how they feel guilty for ever being short with them horrify me. Because isn't that impossible? How can you love your kids every second? How can you never be annoyed/tired/short/absentminded/mad at your kids?

I really think that blogs and posts that are too good to be true do a disservice to all parents. After all, parenting is hard enough without feeling like you are the only one who isn't loving every minute of it. And don't all those bad moments make the good ones that much better? They say that being happy starts the moment you truly accept yourself. So thanks to my friends and the parent bloggers out there who talk about the highs and lows. You have made me a better mom.

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  1. I'm kind of like that with the house/decor blogs I read. If I see an "About Me section that talks about how they have the most amazing husband in the world and their job is filled with sunshine and roses and the kids and house are the picture of perfection, I stop reading. Because I know they're LIARS! And if they're not liars, they're certainly disconnected from the reality of life, and that's no one I want to waste my precious time with.