Monday, September 21, 2009

Abandoned Already

So my poor little blog was abandoned for a couple of weeks. but for good reasons, really!

-My SIL came to visit
-I won a trip to Hawaii
-The girls and I went off to Dallas for my sister's baby showers
-I took a girls trip
-And after two weeks I am halfway into a ten hour car ride home solo with the terror twins

But all of the above is some good blog fodder so there is much to look forward to here in my headspace spilled onto the internet. Including:

-Southern Alpha Moms and Why I Will Never Move Back to Dallas
-I Think I Love My Husband, No Really
-Why Mom Friends Are Better Than Any Baby Product, Even Status Strollers
-Hate Air Travel? Try It Post Kids.
-I'm Not Raising My Kids, I Am Raising My Parents Grandchildren

and if we make it home tomorrow...
-Why My Kids Are Lucky That I Love Them More Than My New Car

See you soon!


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